My grading studio is at your service. Since 2009 I have targeted for indie producers and documentary filmmakers seeking alternatives to larger post houses. I work on my own and is flexible in terms of times and availability. My price level is for independent filmmakers and smaller companies.

I colorgrade in DaVinci Resolve Studio and do all your postproduction. If needed, I use Adobe Premiere CC to open projects and import / export XML / AAF. If the movie needs conforming to a higher format, we will do this before grading. I adjust graphics and compositing in Photoshop / After effects and master the movie with audio and subtitles. I run all formats up to 4K and make your DCP too. The image that you see on my hardware-calibrated monitor is identical to the image you see on the cinema screen.

The grading takes place at the island Långholmen in the center of Stockholm, in a cultural setting with lovely views over Riddarfjärden and a minutes walk to the beach. Trendy Hornstull is 300 meters away with lots of nice restaurants and cafes. I enjoy cooking, and for those clients who wants, I offer home-cooked spicy veggie from the house.

If you have questions about format or if you are outside the Stockholm area, give me a call. It's easy nowadays to send hard disk by mail or upload files.

Peter Magnusson
Tel ++46 705 10 20 34

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DaVinci Resolve Studio: Mac Pro 12 core, 40 gb RAM, Geforce GTX 1080 ti, Flanders scientific 2461w, Tangent elements panels.

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Bildbang! avsnitt 1-2
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Bildbang! avsnitt 3-4
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Rekonstruktion av uthyrd sommarstuga
Stacks Image 379
Wingsuit club
Stacks Image 384
Riksförbundet frivilliga samhällsarbetare
Stacks Image 230
En plats i Europa
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Stacks Image 214
En dag på jobbet
Stacks Image 219
Min mamma var direktör
Stacks Image 224
Kungamordet 1167
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Energi, och att fånga den
Stacks Image 51
De yttersta barnen, 4 avsnitt
Stacks Image 56
Welcome to Gunnarsbyn
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Drömmar och fotografi
Stacks Image 67
Kampen för ett liv
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A stranger in Sweden - Storyboard P
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Sony Xperia
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Stacks Image 272
Från Arvika till Alcoi
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Stacks Image 352
Den nya tiden
Stacks Image 358
Stacks Image 363
Ester Blenda
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Stacks Image 99
Jag skulle vilja vara en pion
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Palmes hemliga agent
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Stacks Image 115
Ta plats
Stacks Image 120
Delandets ekonomi
Stacks Image 294
En ovanlig livsresa
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Stacks Image 315
Aktivismens tid, avsnitt 1-4
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Aktivismens tid, avsnitt 5-8
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Vi är bäst ändå
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Jingdezhen - porslinets huvudstad
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Winter bouy
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Stacks Image 186
Det dubbel-exponerade gömstället
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Your nature
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Barn utan papper, 4 avsnitt
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Kung Reine & Drottning Gunilla
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Sol vind vatten


  • Brandklipparen
  • Karin Wegsjö produktion AB
  • RMV Grammofon
  • Malin Skjöld bild och ljud
  • Honesty advertising agency
  • DMS Sweden AB
  • Martina Carlstedt
  • Iverius vision
  • Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB
  • Stockholms Konstnärliga högskola
  • Sveriges Television AB
  • Filotimofilm
  • Torgny Schunnesson AB
  • True Fiction AS
  • Frid & Frid AB
  • Everyone we know
  • Edit Media
  • Zvonko prod
  • Trolltrumma
  • Zobi AB
  • Lotta film
  • Marklund film AB
  • Dramaten
  • Slow film
  • AMP film AB
  • Film and Tell AB
  • Momento film AB
  • None produktion
  • Ett riktigt produktionsbolag STHLM AB
  • Rebels studios
  • Filmic Art AB
  • Forum för levande historia
  • Mother superior films
  • Irving Media AB

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